Drug Supply Chain Security Act
(DSCSA) Compliance


LillyUSA, LLC is committed to securing the pharmaceutical supply chain through compliance with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). Please follow the appropriate instructions below to access your delivery’s Transaction Information, Transaction History, and Transaction Statement (TI/TH/TS).

  • For Authorized Trading Partners:
    Please access https://app.tracelink.com/login, and log in with unique identifier and password, to retrieve TI/TH/TS.(To register for initial access, please see: http://tracelink.com/network-enrollment-education
  • For Drop-Shipment Recipients:
    Please reference the packing list received with the physical product, and locate the following two data points: Ship Order Number and PO. Your unique access code is a combination of the two numbers, formed by concatenating Ship Order Number and PO number with no spaces between the two numbers.

    Please access https://dropship.tracelink.com/portal, and utilize the unique access code, to retrieve TI/TH/TS.(For clarity, Ship Order Number represents the first portion of the unique code, and PO# is the second portion)
  • For suspect or illegitimate product questions:
    Please contact The Lilly Answers Center: 1-800-LillyRx (800-545-5979).
  • For DSCSA data or transmission questions:
    Please contact Lilly US Distribution: 1-800-821-0538 or email: lilly_distribution@lilly.com

Product Supply Questions


Product Complaints or Adverse Events